Rabbit Films produces US-version of The Ultimate Expedition for YouTube Red

Rabbit Films’ original format The Ultimate Expedition has been sold to YouTube Red. YouTube is expanding its original series category, where this adventure reality series will debut in the US market.


The Ultimate Expedition takes eight celebrities with no previous mountain climbing experience through the challenge of summiting the 20 000-feet mountain Tocllaraju in Peru. The cast includes eight YouTube superstars and the host Jukka Hildén, the Dudeson ringleader and President of Rabbit USA. Rabbit Films produces the 10 episode series for YouTube:


“We’re excited to work with Jukka Hildén and Rabbit Films to bring a fresh twist to this reality competition series,” said Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Content, YouTube. “Viewers love to see their favorite YouTube stars in unique settings, and Ultimate Expedition will stretch the cast far beyond their comfort zones in new and unexpected ways. The audience will get to experience the climb by not only watching the series, but through the personal journeys each star will share on their YouTube channels – keeping fans connected each grueling step of the way.”


“The stakes are high, and the risk is even higher, but everyone has an inner drive and motivation to summit the mountain both physically and metaphorically speaking,” said Jukka Hildén, Rabbit Films USA President. “There are no second chances. You gotta leave it all on the field. Because here, you’re competing against the greatest adversary of them all – yourself. Here, is where true heroes are made.”


Ultimate Expedition will debut exclusively on YouTube Red in 2018.