Rabbit Films nominated in three different categories in Format-Finlandia competition

Format-Finlandia, the annual award for the best new original television format, will be held for the 16th time as a part of the Media&Message conference in Tampere Finland in August.

Media&Message is the largest event in Finland focusing on the audiovisual industry and its latest developments.The event gathers together more than 200 media professionals.

This year Rabbit Films is nominated for Format-Finlandia with its format Haggle Battle. Haggle Battle is a “bargain battle meets comedy panel” studio entertainment show, where three passionate celebrity hagglers are prepared to buy anything as long as they can get the best bargain for it. Rabbit Films’ format The Ultimate Expedition is listed in other categories for the best trailer campaign and best opening title.

The winners will be pronounced 4th of August. The award will go to the production company who has created the format. The Association of Independent Producers Finland – SATU ry, organizes the event.