Our story

The Rabbit Story began when the Dudesons founded the company in 2001 in order to present their amazing stunts and pranks in television. The Dudesons  are group of lifelong friends and they had a dream of doing exactly what they want to do in their life, without restrictions – even though other people might think is impossible.

The courage to constantly try new things, never losing faith and most importantly, spreading Positive Anarchy have always been the Dudeson ideology as Rabbit Films started to grow and become more and more versatile.

Today we are at the top of Finnish independent production companies, dominating the Finnish prime time television. We have won several awards at Finnish Emmy awards, Format Finlandia, European Pitch and Tubecon. Internationally our shows have aired in over 200 territories.

Rabbit Films continues conquering the world with the TV extravaganza and Positive anarchy.