Think Tank

Weekly panel show about news, politics, business, geography, science and the arts with the hottest, most controversial and most gossiped-about local celebrities. Written with heart, it’s QI meets Jersey Shore, Have I Got News for You meets Reality Queens of the Jungle. Politically incorrect views on politically correct topics will have you laughing at and with the stars, raising the question: is there still any such thing as general knowledge, and most importantly – do you have it?

Genre: News panel parody

Target audience: Family, core demographic 10–50

Who drives the show?

Host – Quick, warm, intelligent, funny, big brother/sister-like journalist. 3+3 panelists – Reality TV stars, tabloid magazine queens/princes, beauty contest dropouts, glamour models – girls and guys – that nobody owns up to knowing, but everybody does anyway. All in front of a studio audience.