The Ultimate Expedition

The Ultimate Expedition is a breathtaking show where 8 celebrities are given a challenge to conquer a 20.000-foot-high mountain.

The celebrities, total rookies in mountain climbing, spend a month at a major mountain area, and are trained by mountaineering professionals to get the skills needed for the unreal mission. The celebrity climbers are evaluated after every leg of the race, and the expedition leader decides who will continue and who’s out of the race. Finally, at the summit there is room for only one.

8 x 60 min




Family, core demographic 10-54-year-olds


Spring 2016, MTV3 prime time, Finland



The celebrities as climbers

The stars of the show are celebrities, famous local film stars, athletes, artists and other professionals of different fields, with no earlier experience in climbing or mountaineering. What they all share is a genuine interest in getting a life-changing experience and really testing their own physical and psychological limits.

The host and the expedition leader

The host is a local celebrity with a built-in courage and charisma, co-traveling and sharing the experience with the celebrities. The expedition is lead by the expedition leader and his mountaineering crew who train the celebrity climbers throughout the mission.