Should I Be Worried?

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Should I Be Worried? is a weekly comedy panel show about the ordinary -and extraordinary- worries we all face in our daily lives. The viewers send us questions that keep them awake at night. Using e-mail, text messages, social media and a special dedicated phone line, people from all over the country have poured their hearts out to us.

Every week three panelists, and a special celebrity guest, try to answer the given worries, usually with a big dose of humor.

Should I be worried that my partner doesn’t want to change stinky diapers?

Should I be worried that my father-in-law has gone crazy?

And should I be worried when I’m secretly hoping for a zombie apocalypse?

All of the worries are real, coming straight from the viewers. Some are age-old, but some so awkwardly personal that the panellists must reveal something about themselves as well. One thing is certain: a country will never run out of woes, miseries or doubts. This is definitely a show that is destined for a very long run.

Now the question remains: What are you worried about?


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The panel consists of the wittiest and most sarcastic minds of the nation. And the weekly guests can vary from a pop star, to a well-known priest, to the former President of the country.