Haggle Battle


Haggle Battle is a “bargain battle meets comedy panel” studio entertainment show where three passionate celebrity haggler are prepared to buy anything if they can get the best bargain for it. Anyone can try to sell anything ranging from a second hand dog toy to a vintage war ship. All items come with a story and all purchases are done live in the studio with cash. The Hagglers compete against each other to see who can get the best deal. After the show the hagglers try to get maximum profit by selling the items forward online. Who will make the best bargain in the end?


10 episodes x 60 min


Studio Entertainment


Family, core demographic 10-54-year-olds


Spring 2016, Channel 4 prime time, Finland


The Celebrity Hagglers

The stars of the show are three down-to earth celebrities with high entertainment value who have a reputation for being the best buyers and sellers in the country. The Hagglers are not millionaires but well- known for their passion for random stuff and obscure objects. The Hagglers are clever, outspoken and funny trying to strike the best deal by any means possible.

In Finland The Hagglers are well-known television personalities: auctioneer Aki Palsanmäki, Real estate agent Jethro Rostedt and Comedian and Entrepreneur Janne Kataja.