Pop’n’Roll is a comedy panel show that will make you laugh, dance, sing and even cry. It involves two competing teams, superstar guests, exclusive music performances, emotion and improvisation, all glued together with a love for music.

Genre: Music comedy panel

Target audience: Family, core demographic 10–50 years

Who drives the show?

The host – Quick, warm, funny, upbeat and obsessed with pop culture. Two team captains – funny, quick, crazy, upbeat, positive, well-known music stars. Two varying guest panelists – highly entertaining and bold musicians, singers, TV/radio hosts, comedians, actors with tons of self-irony.

In Finland, the original format was hosted by well-known musician and TV host Mikko Kuustonen, award-winning comedian Jaakko Saariluoma and the lovely TV host and heartthrob Jenni Pääskysaari.