King is a breath-taking music comedy show, a huge parody on TV reality formats, where seven caricature contestants are competing in the finals of a fictional talent competition.

On the live stage, the contestants are on fire and ready to impress the judges and the audience week after week. Like in well-known talent competitions, the audience gets also a sneak-peak to the reality element behind the shiny floor. It’s the audience that decides who will stay and who will be eliminated. Finally, one will become the king of all kings, the new King.

Genre: Live show

Target audience: Family, core demographic 10-54-years-old

Premiered: In January 2015, MTV3 prime time, Finland

● Channel’s #1 show every week

● 100 % over channel’s average share in main target group 10-54-years-old

● Episode weekly average 1,4 million (in a country of 5.4 million people)

● Won “Best Format Potential” competition in Finland (Format Finlandia)

Who drives the show? Actors/comedians, with the talent of singing, dancing, acting as contestant, making great comedy out of it. They also co-exist as fictive judge characters beyond one’s imagination.

The Host – Famous actor / comedian

KING – MIP 2016 – TRAILER from Britney Dudeson on Vimeo.