Comedian & 7 Wonders

What happens when a rural comedian with zero travel experience and a suitcase full of cultural stereotypes goes out to see the seven wonders of the world? Childlike curiosity, ignorance, and sharp, honest comments make for an unexpected, funny and eye-opening show – a totally new way of experiencing the world.

Genre: Travel show

Target audience: Family

Premiere: October 2014, prime time on MTV3 Finland

Who drives the show?

An award-winning, front row comedian with very limited experience of traveling. A down-to-earth character who always finds a common language with the locals. Never a bully, not quite stupid, but a culturally ignorant and outrageously politically incorrect character with childlike Finland, the show was hosted by award-winning actor/comedian Aku Hirviniemi.


Season 1 * 8 (2014)