Celebrity Home Invasion


What happens when a controversial bunch of celebrities moves in with an ordinary family and gets to solve a major problem breaking the family apart? For the first time ever, the celebrities are to lead a life of an ordinary family and work their magic in the family. They challenges the stuck-up family routines, provoke positive conflicts, and fulfill the family’s biggest dream. As a result, both the family and the celebrity learn important life lessons of life from each other.

Genre: Family entertainment

Target audience: Family, core demographic 4–44 years

Premier: Three seasons aired with huge success on prime-time slot on Sub TV in Finland,


● #1 show on the channel throughout the season

● 41.6% share in the 4–44 year-old age group

● over 2.2 million viewers (in a country of 5.4 million people)

● won “Best Format Potential” competition in Finland (Format Finlandia)

Who’s in it? A controversial celebrity or group of celebrities surprises the audience by revealing their warm, caring and human side, which audiences have never seen before. In Finland, the series was hosted by The Dudesons, four acclaimed global and local TV shows.